How Your Skills Translate

Your skills and interests apply to your future job. Check out these resources to see how!


Teamwork, goal-setting, and keeping focused on what’s important are some of the skills athletes bring to the table. Learn more about why this is what employers need today!




Working with others to achieve goals, planning campaigns, and understanding how you contribute are just a few of the skills you develop in gaming. Check out more on why you are valuable to employers!




Playing your part, discipline to practice, and understanding the bigger picture are some of the skills musicians bring to an employer. Check out what else you can talk about in interviews!


Satisfaction comes from putting something together with your own two hands that can then be used to better someone’s life. Sound familiar? The trades are more valuable today than ever and if you love working with your hands, there are careers for you!


There are those who claim “making things” is dead. But we know that isn’t true. Whether you love to sew or knit, throw pottery or make jewelry, do wood working or other crafts, making items is both art and science. See why employers need you here!

Social Media

Understanding technology, how to use it for good purposes, and communication are some of the skills a person interested in social media can provide. Check out what else employers want in social media!

Career Exploration

Where can you find information about careers? Check out these sites to help!

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