Reviewing a Job Posting

Now that you’ve made some decisions of what is important to you, it is time to start looking for a job. The good news is there are plenty of jobs to choose from – which can also make the process rather daunting.

To start with, visit job posting sites like or Companies pay money to put posts on these sites and they are generally up for 30 days at a time. As you work through your job search you may see the same posting multiple times – that just means the company is excited to hire someone!!

How much experience do they require?

  • None. Great! Keep going!
  • Some. Do you have that experience?  If you do, great! Keep going! If no but you still want to apply, you need to give the company a compelling reason to interview you. 
  • Significant. Have it? Great! If not, it is probably best to move on. If a company is requiring 5 years experience in a field and you have none, it will be tough to get over that. Still really want this job, though? How can you get the experience? Does the company have lower level positions where you might be able to get the training? Or are there other programs that would help you?


Generally education is listed as High School / GED, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, etc. and may include professional certifications. 

  • Do you have the required education? If yes, keep going! If no, do you have experience that might be comparable? You may be able to sell that in your cover letter.
  • Does the education section say, “or related field”? If so, just because you have experience in a different field, doesn’t mean you are out of the running. Again, you can make your case in the cover letter.
  • Don’t have a high school diploma or GED? You can get GED training at Project Learn and you can also earn your high school diploma through a number of courses offered at the Medina County Career Center through their adult education program. 

 Drug Testing / Physical

Some companies require individuals to take drug tests. These are usually scheduled at a lab where you go with your paperwork and are asked to provide a sample. Usually these tests are urine but there are some that ask for a hair sample.  If a physical is required, be sure to check if this needs to be with a specific doctor’s office or if you can use your own physican. Generally they are looking to ensure that you are able to do the job from a physical standpoint.