How Do I Follow Up

Is there anything worse than waiting? But unfortunately, it is part of finding a job. It is important to think about what is going on at the company. Someone involved in the hiring process is short-handed which is why they need to hire someone. And while that is very difficult to manage, it is also difficult to deal with keeping up with the current workload, anticipate the training that will need to happen, and handle the interview process. Even if there is an HR team in place, there are still workload constraints that make hiring a tough process.

Generally, if you haven’t heard from the company within a week, it is appropriate to follow up. If the contact information for the hiring manager is on the posting, you can reach out directly. If it went through an HR department, reach out to them. And if the contact information was not on the posting, reach out to either HR or anyone in a recruiting role on their website.

The follow up should be professional and courteous. Even though you are waiting, you don’t want to communicate frustration or negativity because that might be a reason to not hire you. Instead, reiterate your interest in the job. For example: