Figuring Out The Job

FINALLY! It is time to look at the job itself! First, check the posting to see if they tell you enough to know if it fits all the things you are looking for. Is it full time or part time, offer benefits, etc. to match all those questions you just answered. 

Next, look at the information about the company. What impression do you get about the company? Do they seem fun, caring, serious, professional, engaging, interesting or something else? What words do they use that cause you to think, “I like this” or “I don’t like this”? If someone asked you to describe the company, do you think you could?

Next, look at the job duties. Do you understand what the person would be doing? Can you see yourself doing it? If a friend said it was their job and described it the way it is described in the posting, would it be interesting? If the answers are anything less than “I don’t want to do this” keep reading!

Can you tell if there are advancement opportunities? Most companies offer them, but the best ones talk about it in their job postings. Understanding what could happen in your future can be very helpful. 

Still looking at that posting? Then it sounds like it is time to apply!