Applying For A Job

There are lots of things going on behind the scenes when you apply for a job. The information you enter is going into a database, typically, that the company can search to see if you fit other positions. It also may be going to a hiring manager or a group of people for review. The key to applying for jobs is to FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. There is nothing worse for a company than a candidate who doesn’t follow the directions. It causes the application to be kicked out of the normal process and may cause it to not be considered at all.

Most companies will ask you for a resume. You can get help building your resume right here on this site. Be sure to upload or email your resume as instructed.

Next, you may be asked to fill out information as well and it may even be similar to the information on your resume. There is a reason the company is asking for it in two places so be sure to answer thoroughly and with an eye to wanting the job.

If the posting indicates to email a person, be sure to include your resume and put some information in your cover email. Here is a guide to an easy cover email / letter.