Creating your resume from scratch isn’t as hard as it seems. You just need to know how to start! A perfect place to begin is with reading a guideline such as this one and start with each individual piece before you worry about how it’ll all look in the end. Where are you going to school? Have you worked any jobs or volunteered? Are you in any clubs? Have you won any awards?

If nothing else, you have skills and those skills were learned from being on social media, playing video games, learning music, participating in athletics, or the other things you do for fun. They also come from what you learned in classes but not necessarily the content, but more the way you learn or the way you think.

What does that mean? Well, companies need people who can do the work today as well as what will come in tomorrow. Some people prefer to know exactly what they will be doing and how, and then do that work. That gives them personal satisfaction. Others want more surprises in their day and want the challenge of not knowing what they will do that day.

Once you identify your skills and what you want from a job, word your resume so it matches those attributes.

Still unsure? Here’s a more in-depth guide that includes visuals, what not to do, and what to possibly do in the future for your resume.