More Job Characteristics

There’s more?! Yes – there is a lot to consider when you are thinking about your next job. But don’t get discouraged! All of these things are good to think about but you can also just try one out to see what you think!

Career Advancement – Most jobs have a career path of some kind related to them. Companies want you to start with them and then stay with them even as you advance in your career. That doesn’t mean you have to move up – if you love your job and it meets your needs, you can stay in it. But understanding if you want opportunity up front is ideal.

Company Culture and Reputation – A company’s culture is often hard to define but easy to recognize once you are there. While companies will describe it to you as, “we are a family”, or “our employees are number one”, it is important to think about what is important to you in a culture. How does the company demonstrate you are valued? What do people you know think of the company? We’ll talk more about culture in the job posting review section. 

Large vs. Small Companies – Company size influences a number of elements in each individual’s job. In larger companies there are more people to do the work so it is generally easy to specialize. They often have more thought out procedures and policies and can provide more structure. Small companies often give employees the opportunity to wear multiple hats and be part of more decision-making. As you work through your career you will find the right size for you.

Social Responsibility – How important is a company’s social responsiblity? Some companies will put their social engagement, political thoughts, donations, or other information on their website so people can see what they find important. It is a good idea to determine how important this is to you so you can review that information before interviewing. Keep in mind if a company doesn’t post it that doesn’t mean they aren’t committed to specific causes and can be a great interview question.